The Project

This project is an ongoing collaboration.

I am searching for other talented musicians for help in finishing the material. If you hear anything you like send me a copy of your demo and let's see if we can make some music.

My History

My history is in the recording business. I also compose, play guitar and keyboards, engineer, and produce.

I owned and operated a recording studio between 1990 and 1996 in Seattle called House of Leisure. Recording mostly rock bands located here in Seattle, we enjoyed working with first time recording artists to world class musicians. We also hosted artist showcases featuring local bands and performers. Now finally I am able to spend time finishing on my own music.

As a recording studio, our short list of clients include Hater (SubPop), Hater the 2nd (Barsuk Records), Soundgarden (A&M Records), Gruntruck (Roadrunner Records), Sony Records, CZ Records, Loosegroove, Suction, Tad and many others.